The Defender

Here come the children, show
some respect

(TV Fiction program about Post-Modernism)

Produced by Audiovisuales del SurDirected by Facundo Cantelmi


Overview: In a noted downtown shopping mall - just like any other around the globe - strange events take place. Some say, at night - once the place is closed -, objects move, trade places and appear somewhere else the next day. Others speak of intruders and ghosts. Yet, a young employee at Avon swears she has seen mannequins come to life. The rumor spills over till it starts to sound real.

The mannequin-characters portrait social stereotypes - who make their own world out of this particular shopping mall - and show off, through their attitudes, the idiosyncrasy of post modernism.

(Documentary TV series) - 2006

Directed by Pablo Nisenson
Screenplay by Pablo Nisenson
and Hans Garrino

Overview: The series makes a point of showing how human and social rights are trampled on, in different areas, in the Argentine society: Poverty and indigence, state terrorism, the situation of social prisoners, state control, AIDS in prison, the manipulation of the mass media, etc.

A 9-episode TV series focused on human and social rights.
Produced by Audiovisuales del Sur in association with Ciudad Abierta Channel.
Under the auspices of the Secretaría de Derechos Humanos y Sociales del Ministerio de Justicia de la Nación (Human and Social Rights Office, National Justice Department), Amnesty International, and CELS (Centro de estudios legales y sociales).

Protagonist Dr. Elías Neuman
Interviewer Ana Nisenson
Assistant Director María Jimena Amaya
Executive Producer Carolina Cordero
Camera Operator / Still photographer Javier De Silvio
Camera Operator Assistants Jonathan Gutierrez y Pedro Larrea
2nd. Camera Operators Lucia Rey, Sandra Schmid, Diego Osidacz
Animation Supervisor / Title Designer Matías Ghio
Art Director Nicolas Oyuela
Sound Supervisors Francisco Benincasa y Cristian Rolón
Film Editors Manuel Mingo, Marina Pereyra
Post-Production Manager Lucia Rey
Titles and Opticals Music Mixer Roberto Navarro
(TV Series) - 1998

Directed by Pablo Nisenson and Patricia Hart
Screenplay by Pablo Nisenson

A 4-episode documentary series - spiced up with fiction - on the subject of children rights. Starring children from indigent areas in B.A., and, native Argentine children from the Wichi community in the province of Chaco.
In association with the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación (National Culture Department).

A group of kids from “Children Island” arrives in Argentina to be acquainted with the way children live in our country and to build up a good relationship with our authorities. Their special faraway country - ruled by children - abounds in benefits and possibilities for the young. Yet, much to their surprise, they find out that Argentina is not quite the same.

Although a fictional story, the series is sprinkled with documentary records, in an attempt to delve into children human rights from their own perspective

Directors Pablo Nisenson y Patricia Hart
Workshop Directors and Coordinators Pablo Nisenson y Patricia Hart
Screenwriter Pablo Nisenson
Production Manager Erika Gotfraind
Production Assistant Luís Camardella
Camera Operator / Still Photographer Javier De Silvio
Camera Operator Assistant Jonathan Gutierrez
Set Decorators Jorge Foglia y Pablo Cavadini
Film Editor Jerry Zottola
Music Composer Alberto Quercia Lagos
Post-production Manager Marcel Cluzet