Interactive CDs / DVDs / Documentaries
Our production company develops audiovisual presentations for any institution - either state-owned or private - which stands up for human and social rights: education, health, culture, work, etc.
Our objective is to crystallize and provide the best support and content - background and format - for information, awareness and training, in the hope of reaching the audience any given project may need to.

Interactive CD / DVD
Our Interactive / multimedia CD / DVD contains a wide range of audiovisual material (such as documentaries, audio tracks, graphs, cartoons, texts, interviews, etc.) which makes it suitable for special projects or specific issues. Also, it allows users to juggle different pieces of information at the same time and “surf” through it as he or she pleases. It is computer-friendly and it can also be seen on a big screen.

DEMO: This Interactive CD / DVD has been designed for the Comprehensive Assistance Program for addicts to PBC and other addictive substances - sponsored by the Ministry of Human and Social Rights in the city of Buenos Aires - with the aim of communicating, informing and training on a complex issue, rooted in a whole host of causes.

The multimedia information enables users to:

Be acquainted with and work on prevention, publication and awareness.

Implement it as the springboard for workshops and group activities.

Get the essentials on “Assistance and Treatment”; plus the location of Hospitals and Health Centers in the city of Buenos Aires.

Seek help from the various social programs sponsored by the State or other private organizations, using the information, addresses, and contact numbers provided.

Not only health professionals but any other (educators, coordinators, community leaders, etc.) are able to employ it, in their work or social environments, as teaching material, for instance, or when debating or analyzing, doing training courses, assignments, workshops, etc.