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Director:Javier De Silvio

Synthesis: The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is dissected in tours on the objects with which we interact. These "human objects" seem always to have been there, we seem natural, however, a new look can reveal the great and fierce topical signs and shape us.

Director:Mariana Arruti
Synthesis: Through the eyes of a group of poor children, stressing their gestures, their smiles, their tenderness, small acts of solidarity with one to another, the film documents a very special place in Buenos Aires city: the Villa 31 in Retiro. The tour follows its smallest inhabitants in their transit from dusk to night.
Director:Andrea Schellemberg
Synthesis: Military Academy cadets now receive Human Rights education.
The aim is to transform the cultural and ideological construction of a Institution marked by coups and crimes against humanity. The film focuses its attention on this learning process, to question whether that education can be assimilated by the military institution.
Director:Carmen Guarini
Synthesis: Tiles available in Buenos Aires city silently recall the existence of the “desaparecidos” (missing) during the military dictatorship. They are a gesture of memory that resist the double death. In these places life goes quiet and oblivion does its job . Several scenes in the streets of Buenos Aires process history
Director:Miguel Pereira
Synthesis: Abra Pampa, a small town in Jujuy, hides a terrible secret from their streets and in the blood of nearly all its inhabitants. For over 30 years, the lead smelter "Metal Huasi" black smoke was pouring and heavy chimneys on the entire population. But one day the industry was not competitive and decided to leave. Gone was moribund and rusting skeleton of the cast, mountains of toxic waste, and 80% of its inhabitants with harmful blood lead levels.
Director:Andrés Habegger
Synthesis: Lidia Lopez is from Misiones province, but lives in the neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires. Runs community kitchen and has a radio program on a radio in the area. There once a week, she exercises his right to free espression denouncing the problems of the neighborhood. Lidia, thus realizes what other media do not give. She is the voice of those who usually do not have access to mainstream media.
Director:Ulises Rosell
Synthesis: At Brotherhood bridge, that links Argentina with Paraguay, the traffic of couriers is incessant, men and women whose lives are dedicated to transporting heavy loads on either side of the bridge. It´s a place where human life is worth only its workforce.
Director:Pablo Nisenson
Synthesis: Two teenagers, one rich, one poor, are observed with microscopic lens. ¿Which skills and characteristics differentiate them? ¿Which circumstances sign them? The short film documents the first report on social inequality in Argentina, conducted by a prestigious scientific institute.
Directors:Lucia Rey & Rodrigo Paz
Synthesis: The film gives an account of work of the Committee against Torture of the Provincial Commission for Memory. The story brings out Dr. Robert Cipriano, Committee Coordinator, contrasting the subjective perceptions and objective dark prison world to be covered each day.